Sunday, March 20, 2011

Re-Registration for 2011-12

You will be receiving information about re-registration for the 2011-12 school year shortly.  When it comes down to bottom lines, this is a decision that is a matter of God's will.  If you sense that this is where He wants your children to be, then you need to proceed with steps to make that happen.  If not, you need to begin preparing for what it is He wants you to do.  From a Christian perspective, education is part of the process of discipleship and everything we do here, from academics to fine arts to athletics, focuses on equipping students for kingdom citizenship.  As Christians, our hope is that all of the decisions they make in life will be directed by God as a result of their faith in Jesus.

This has been a transitional year, but from my perspective it has been a smooth one.  Our students have enjoyed some accomplishments in academics, athletics and fine arts.  Most of our staff has indicated that they are planning to return, and indications point to a high percentage of students and families coming back as well.  Our two open houses to date have shown that there are also a lot of families interested in sending their children here next year.  We are preparing for spring achievement tests, students are testing for placement in college-level classes and the last nine weeks grading period is approaching quickly.  Our on-line grade reporting system is about to roll out.  From an academic perspective, our students are at the top of their game, and demonstrating that the quality of classroom instruction here is as high as it is anywhere in the area, and in the state.

We just experienced a great missions week, in which the service of some of our students in the Dominican Republic last year was highlighted.  Some students have already participated in missions experiences this year, and in a week or so, another group will be headed to the Dominican Republic.  Our elementary students raised money for an AWANA project benefitting prisoners and their children at the Angola State Penitentiary in Louisiana.  We have students ministering on a regular basis once a month at the Passavant nursing home in Zelienople, and students honoring our agreement to keep the two mile stretch of Portersville Road from the center of town to just beyond our school clear of trash.  Workathon is coming in May.  And although just being busy doesn't measure spiritual commitment, it is very pleasing to see our students so involved. 

Above all, we want to follow God's direction in the decisions we make here, in order to continue to make sure we do everything possible for this ministry.  Join us in that prayer. 

Senate Bill 1: School Choice Hearing in Pittsburgh March 23

The word coming back from supporters of Senate Bill #1, which is the Pennsylvania School Choice bill, is that they are not hearing from very many supporters when it comes to the places where contact with the public is being made.  There may be several reasons for this, including the fact that public legislative hearings are often not held during times or at places where it is convenient for people to attend.  I am posting a link here to hearings that will be held in the Pittsburgh area from ACSIPA's website, and encourage your attendance.  I've been told that the area of the campus where the meeting room is located is not easy to access, and parking is a problem, but your support may be worth the effort.