Monday, February 6, 2012

It's Time to Think About Re-enrollment

We've just started our second semester, and there's still three weeks left in basketball season, but it is time to think about next school year, and begin planning in advance for what you will do.  Re-enrollment is just around the corner.  So let me give you a few good reasons for you to start planning for your family's return to Portersville Christian School.

First, our school is striving to be distinctively Christian.  That is not just a label we want to use for promotion, it is a goal.  Christian education is more than just adding Bible classes and chapel to a regular class schedule.  To be distinctively Christian is to understand that God is the sovereign and all powerful creator of the universe.  It isn't just something we tack on, it is something that must be integrated and blended in to everything we do.  It means that we can teach our students truth, and show the source who revealed it to us.

It also means that we can create community within the school in the same way that the Holy Spirit created community in the early church.  The mission and purpose of our very existence is to make disciples who will be capable and prepared to take up leadership in the Kingdom of God, and fulfill His purpose for their lives.  The fact that most of our current students are actively involved in their local church, serve in missions willingly, and that many of our graduating seniors are preparing for kingdom service is evidence that this is what we are all about.

Second, our school practices academic excellence.  With graduating classes achieving average scores on the SAT above the 1600 range consistently, with national merit semi-finalists and finalists in virtually every graduating class, and with achievement test scores in elementary school that average in the top quartile nationally, students at PCS are challenged to do their very best in the classroom.   Our students consistently produce the highest SAT scores in this tri-county area, and go on to be admitted into many prestigious and challenging colleges and universities.  As the only fully accredited, private, Christian school in three counties, you can be sure of receiving a high quality education in the same place all through high school.

The third feature of PCS is affordability.  You get more for your money here, and that's not just an advertising slogan.  Our spiritual life and academic standards are as high as those schools in the Pittsburgh area which charge much more.  And those schools nearby which charge less are either not accredited, or do not offer as much in the way of either learning experiences or student life, such as fine arts and athletics.

A school that has been around as long as PCS has some advantages that you will not find anywhere else.  The gap between achievement in public education, and in private, Christian schools like us is widening, and alternatives, like charter schools and cyber schools, are even further behind in achievement.  They offer some conveniences but little to nothing in the way of academic growth or spiritual life.  You already have your child enrolled in one of the best places in Western Pennsylvania to receive a well-rounded education that nourishes heart, soul and mind.  Why not plan to join us next fall?