Sunday, October 13, 2013

Happenings at PCS

Both the soccer team and volleyball team captured the #1 seed from their conference play this fall.  Congratulations to both teams.  The soccer team finished their SWCAC season undefeated, while the volleyball team lost just one conference game.  They will both be playing Thursday evening, the soccer team at Slippery Rock Baptist Camp, the volleyball team here at PCS. 

Our athletes have worked very hard, and they've been very committed to doing their best.  They've represented their school, and their savior, very well.  It would be great to see a large turnout of support for their playoff appearances on Thursday. 

Grandparents and Special Friends Day
Mark your calendars for Tuesday, November 26.  Grandparents, and special friends, are invited to come and enjoy a time of worship with our students, and visiting them in their classrooms.  The PFA is helping with the sponsorship of this annual event.  We deeply appreciate the support that our grandparents give to the school.

Fine Arts Department to Present "Charley's Aunt"
The fall play is underway, and students are busy rehearsing for the presentation of "Charley's Aunt," a comedy.  November 14-16 are the dates. 

PSAT Testing Wednesday, October 16
Sophomores and Juniors will be taking the PSAT on Wednesday, October 16th.  The PSAT is one of the annual progress measurements that we use.  Though the scores vary from year to year, Portersville Christian School students still demonstrate the strength of the academic program at our school by placing among the highest achieving students in the region, and by earning average scores which are well above the state and national averages.  Please be in prayer for these students as they test off campus at Grace Church in Harmony.

ACSI Nexus
Our teachers will be participating in the fall ACSI Nexus event at Christ Church at Grove Farm on Thursday and Friday, October 17 and 18.  These two days provide great inspiration and training events for them.  We are looking forward to the inspiration, and I am sure that the students are looking forward to the vacation time.

Monday, October 7, 2013

The Warrior Legacy Fund 2013-14

We are celebrating 50 years of providing a distinctively Christian, quality academic education at Portersville Christian School.  This will also be the second year for our annual fund drive, the Warrior Legacy Fund.  In 2012-13, our first Warrior Legacy Fund raised some $44,000 for the school's financial aid and technology programs.  This was in addition to the other money the school raises for other causes, including the athletic and fine arts programs.  The fund gives alumni, alumni families and friends of the school the opportunity to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, and exercise the gift of giving to a school that is committed to the teaching of the gospel to children, and teaching them to minister to others in Jesus' name. 

So why do we need an annual fund?

First of all, Christian schools are private schools, but they operate under a distinctively Christian philosophy of education. Our mission and purpose is to be a ministry which supports church and family by providing instruction that is consistent with the basic beliefs of the Christian faith, and which integrates the principles of the Bible into curriculum development.  So our intention is to provide this ministry to as broad a segment of the Christian community as possible.  Finding ways to cover expenses so that families find the tuition and fees affordable is part of our ministry, and the annual fund is part of that effort.  The average cost per student runs between $1,300 and $1,500 a year more than the average payment of tuition and fees including discounts. 

Volunteer hours of parents also contribute to keeping the cost to families low, as does the commitment of our faculty and staff to provide the quality of education that they do at salaries that are lower than their peers earn in many other Christian schools.  It would take an additional $2,000 per year, per student in tuition to raise our teacher pay and benefits to a level where it would be in the "average" range for Christian schools in the US.  The annual fund makes it possible for the school to consider putting salary increases for employees in the budget each year.

Second, financial aid is a key component of making Christian school accessible to families who have a desire to see their children educated in an environment that is compatible with, and not hostile to, their Christian values.  More than 10% of our budget comes from financial aid that our families are qualified to receive based on their income.  The Warrior Legacy Fund adds to the amount of aid we distribute.  With the qualification limits on the EITC program being raised this past summer, more families can qualify for financial aid, which opens the door to their participation in Christian education.  The Warrior Legacy Fund increases the amount of money available to the school to distribute among a larger number of qualified applicants. 

Third, when there is additional funding in the budget, there is more available for critical needs that require attention.  The development of the use of technology in education is one of those areas.  The Warrior Legacy Fund, when it reaches its goals, makes it possible for us to consider expanding our technology.  You can find research which shows that the addition of more technology does not necessarily translate into improved measurements of educational progress among students, but even if it doesn't, the use of technology in the workplace means that we need to expose our students to its applications and uses.  The Warrior Legacy Fund makes it possible for us to do this.

The expectation of the Warrior Legacy Fund is to work to find those whom God is directing to give financial support to the ministry of Portersville Christian School.  There may be individuals who are part of the current school community who have the means to provide extra support, and we are grateful for them, but the main emphasis of the Warrior Legacy Fund is to move the fund raising effort to a group of people who have motivation to give out of gratitude for what has transpired in their life as a result of their years here.  So for those who are currently part of the school community, we are looking for those who want to give a gift of volunteer time to serve on the committee that helps make this effort.  And if you can point us to some alumni, or some individual in the business community who are being prompted to give, you would be a valuable part of this committee.  Please contact the school office if you are interested.