Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A Couple of Urgent Needs

A Christian school like PCS operates on a shoestring budget, but counts on God to multiply its use to his work.  That sums up our finance plan.  Compared to other Christian schools in our area which are fully accredited, and offer a pre-K through 12th grade program, we are among the most reasonable when it comes to tuition and fees.  And with the average cost of educating one student in the public school system being somewhere around $12,000 per year, our full tuition looks pretty good. 

What we need is some help in managing our finances. 

As with most areas of our school operations, the school's finances are overseen by a committee of volunteers.  Right now, it is a small committee that needs a few volunteers, including a chairman. 

The finance committee works with the finance administrator and the board in performing some very important tasks.  It plans the annual budget, sets the tuition rate, and monitors the income from various sources.  As a volunteer, the committee chairman provides a check and balance for the finance office, serving as a treasurer. 

Now, I know there are parents out there who are capable of this kind of responsibility, and would like a way to earn a few service hours as well.  The committee meets once a month.  This is an important area of service, so please pray about it.  You may get a call asking you to serve, and if this is in your area of expertise, we would be grateful for your help. 

We are also looking for a chairman of the development committee.  The primary responsibility of this committee is to help "develop" and promote the school, and link it to potential financial resources.  This is especially important in securing our financial aid program.  It would be great if a family that receives financial aid would want to take the lead in development. 

One of the main reasons the school utilizes volunteer committees in these areas is that our small size makes it possible, and keeps the jobs from being too time consuming or overwhelming.  Another reason is that it allows us to do work that employees don't have to do, which keeps the tuition and fees low for families.  It works well, when there are enough people to volunteer. 

Please prayerfully consider your ability to serve, and get in touch with someone in either the reception office or the administrative office.