Monday, March 21, 2016

Spring Break is an Opportunity to Serve

It's been a tradition at PCS for a number of years now.  School dismisses at noon on the Friday before Spring Break, not so much because everyone is anxious to get started on their vacation, but to allow a group of students some time to pack and prepare for a week of mission service in the Dominican Republic.  A combination of students, faculty members, first timers and veterans, join a group of doctors, dentists and nurses who serve through Meeting God in Missions. 

Some serve with the medical or dental teams who serve people who probably haven't seen a doctor or dentist since the last time they were there.  It's hard work, but it is missions in its purest, Biblical sense, meeting people's needs in Jesus' name, and allowing the service testify to their faith.  From what we hear upon their return, it is an effective way to share the gospel, and people are led to faith in Jesus as a result of it.  But it's what happens to the students that we see when they return, and that is a very visible, and lasting, result.

I've been watching our students go on this particular trip for the past six years.  And when they return, they are always full of excitement about what they've done, what they've seen, and what the Lord has done while they were there.  Sometimes, I think what they don't see is what the Lord has done in their life in the short time they were there.  They may not see it, but the way that God has worked in their life, and transformed them, is very visible.  And they, in turn, become vessels that God uses to transform the lives of other students.  This trip has a definite effect on the spiritual life of our campus, and on the spiritual atmosphere of the school. 

So as you read this, pray for the group that is serving this week.  Pray that they are protected, that their ministry to the people in the Dominican Republic is effective, and that many people there find Jesus as their savior this week.  But pray, too, for those who are serving.  When people put themselves in God's hands in this way, and allow themselves to be used as vessels for ministry to serve others in Jesus' name, God not only uses them, but he fills them with his spirit, empowers them, and as they serve, meditate and read his word, pray, and seek his face, they grow in their relationship with him.  Christians who serve in this kind of ministry find that their relationship with the Lord drives their commitment to new heights, and gives them boldness, and peace.  So we are also praying for those who are serving, that this would be a time of commitment and dedication to the Lord which would be beyond anything that they have experienced in their walk with Him so far. 

And we will be praying for them as they minister to the school upon their return. 

Monday, March 14, 2016

Icing on the Cake

It's been a great year for athletics at PCS, as the previous article pointed out.  Virtually every team at the school was involved in post-season playoffs.  The soccer team won the SWCAC title, the volleyball team finished as runner up, the boys' varsity basketball team won the SWCAC title, and the girls finished as runner up.  The boys put a little bit more on top of their league title, and won the NCSAA Division 3 championship in Ohio last weekend.  Not to be outdone, the younger girls won the 10th and Under tournament on our campus last weekend. 

Then there was the archery team. 

After hosting Pennsylvania's first interscholastic archery tournament a few weeks back, an excited group of archers headed off to Penn State University this past Thursday, for the state archery tournament.  And after all the arrows had been shot at the target, the best high school archer in the state is PCS's own Seth VanGent.  Seth brought home some new archery equipment, a nice trophy, and a scholarship for his effort.  And he will be representing PCS at the national archery tournament in Kentucky in April, along with our entire Middle School archery team, all of whom qualified for nationals. 

"Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do everything for God's glory."  I Corinthians 10:31